Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Zibra. Weird name, I know, yet weird is mostly positive and, in this case, it is. The band consists of four guys who love to play around with green screens, VHS tapes and electronic devices which create their glitchy, synth sounds. Sam Battle, Russi Harley, Ben Everest and Ross Dawson produce these sparking pop songs that are accompanied by the coolest pictures and videos. Their debut release 'Heartache' has been long awaited but it has definitely been worth it.

The song is like an infection, you literally can't get it out of your head, whether its the catchy lyrics or the irresistible melodies, it will take over until you find a song of lesser value to take its place. 'Heartache' was conceived through a mixture of instruments and synths matched with alluring lyrics. There is also a strange mix of shouts and gun noises too adding to the air of unknown that surrounds the band like a bubble. The video to the song is slightly mind bending with a rotating heart leaking gunk and the constant cloud of green yet it captures that curious nature we all hold.

Also, yesterday Zibra released a cover of Tomcraft's 'Loneliness'. This is another killer track and is accompanied by yet another mind bending video.

So, if there is one thing you do today, make it the discovery of something exceptional (a.k.a Zibra).

Follow the band on Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud or like their Facebook page.


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